Our Story

Welcome to our website! We are Victoria and Ana, two sisters who are passionate about helping people create a meaningful and fulfilling life.
We have both struggled with procrastination, feeling lost, and mental health challenges.
However, we are committed to creating a good life for ourselves and want to share our journey with others in the hope of inspiring them to take control of their own lives.
eter founders


Even though we live in different parts of the world, we're always connected. We have long conversations that should be on a podcast and we cry with laughter together all the time.
"Victoria is based in Colombia and is known for her artistic and creative nature. She is also incredibly brave and is not afraid to take risks in pursuit of her dreams. Ana, on the other hand, lives in Australia, she is determined and disciplined, with a strong focus on wellbeing."
Together, we offer a unique blend of artistic creativity and discipline, and we believe that this combination is key to creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.
We started Eter because we wanted to create a platform that would help others to flourish and reach their full potential. We believe that by learning to love ourselves, we can connect with our potential and create a fulfilling life.

Why Eter?

We named our company "Eter" (The Spanish word for Ether) because of the deep meaning behind the concept. In Ayurveda, ether is seen as the foundation of everything, it's all-pervading and subtle. Aristotle also believed ether to be the fifth element that makes up the universe, and Tesla saw it as the medium that carries electromagnetic waves.
Ether is the world where ideas and potential exist before they become reality. And just like how ether is the beginning of creation, we want our products to be the starting point for people to create their own reality. It's like a blank canvas, ready for you to paint your own masterpiece.
That's why we chose the name Ether, to signify that our products are the beginning of what people can create in their life.